Children’s Verbal Behavior Improvement Course (My Speaking Child)


Thèmes de cours

1. Que sont les crises de colère ? Définitions importantes des comportements indésirables

2. Causes des crises de colère

3. Interventions proactives pour faire face aux crises de colère

4. Interventions après la survenue de crises de colère

5. Stratégies pour enseigner des comportements alternatifs positifs pour remplacer les crises de colère

6. Punition, définition, types et stratégies pour son application

7. Comment organiser la journée de l’enfant et faire face à l’évolution des événements et des routines

8. Problèmes sensoriels chez les enfants et comment y faire face

9. Motiver l’enfant à travailler en séances et à traiter les comportements d’évasion pour faire face aux crises de colère

10. Comment augmenter les compétences de communication des enfants et leur enseigner des méthodes de communication alternatives

11. Exercices pratiques de manière représentative pour appliquer des stratégies pour faire face aux accès de colère en fonction de leur cause



About Course

Comprehensive intensive course Verbal behavior improvement course (for the speaking child)

The comprehensive, intensive course to build linguistic behavior skills in a way that helps the child communicate in daily life by increasing receptive and expressive language skills.

Who is the course targeting?

It targets children who speak some words, but not in a form appropriate to the age of the child, and not in an appropriate form that allows the child to communicate with others and use his linguistic output in dialogue and expression, children with poor communication with the environment, children with autism and developmental disorders.

The course focuses on enabling the child to communicate with speech and gradually reach the stage of dialogue through recorded videos for each skill, which we mention as follows:

1. Naming skill with its levels
2. Linguistic comprehension skills with its levels
3. Dialogue skills and answering questions with its levels
4. Playing skills with its levels
5. Imitation skills with its levels
6. Demand skills with its levels

Each skill has several levels and each video is about 5-7 minutes long.
It consists of a theoretical explanation, followed by practical training for the exercises your child needs.


Cycle Mechanism:

The course consists of 126 recorded videos, each video lasting from 5 to 9 minutes. It helps the mother to train her child sequentially for each skill.

Course files upon purchase can be downloaded

The course will have a pdf file for the language games.
The course will have pdf files for the application of the exercises, ready for printing

A file to explain the levels and sequence of training in the scientific material

Course topics:

1. How to play with the child and stimulate speech through play.

2. How to teach the child the behavior of request, express himself verbally, and ask for his needs.

3. How to teach the child to name words in daily life and use them automatically.

4. How to teach the child to name the sentence and lengthen it gradually.

5. How to teach a child to respond to simple instructions to reach complex instructions.

6. How to teach a child to answer different questions.

7. Increasing the child’s awareness through a series of activities related to visual skills.

What is the goal of the course and what is its purpose:
Training the mother on how to stimulate speech and communication and reach the stage of dialogue by building language skills in a sequential manner that suits the child’s abilities.



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